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"Mamma mia dammi cento lire, che in America voglio andar ... " how don’t remember the popular song 's "theme" that for many people of South Italy assumed a meaning detail. The “Merica" more than a geographic place represented a dream, an Eden from much “excited, and also many Rivisondolesi chased this dream, convinced that he would have been relatively simple to realize it.

We wish in this section to leave a trace of the History of the Rivisondolesi's emigration in the United States, a True History that deserves of being handed on to the future generations, because they don't forget, and knows to give the just value to the work of which, supporting inexpressibile renunciations and sacrifices, they threw the solid foundations on which it rests, for better or for worse, our today's life.

There isn’t family in Rivisondoli that between own ancestors doesn't number at least Emigrating; that is why in the attempt to trace the “trail” of everyone, we have left from the analysis statistics of the first ten recurrent last names of our country, that we bring back in the table in follow, and that we will integrate with those less diffuse ones, to seeming of the cold statistics valence, and to which it will be possible to associate motivated or simply affective details.


 De Capite









All the emigrating information relatively to the single ones have been extrapolated from the database of the archives of the" Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.",  whose site immediately linkabile clicking on the logo that is brought back here over.

To provide a  picture complete so as possible, and hi adhering to the reality of migration referring to Rivisondoli, we use  disparate sources, which is still the highest level of reliability and accuracy.

Of course we went to the cross-check for each individual positions in order to provide to the interested visitor potential starting point, based on evidence, for any personal insights or research that goes beyond the popular and general character of our website.

We confirm our full readiness to share the information we have, with those who wish to deepen the research on the subject.

In the tables that follow, we have grouped by calendar year the names of Rivisondolesi emigrants , for which we had the certainty of an address in the U.S.

The manuscript that appears here on the left, stems from April 1922, and was drafted by the parish priest of the time, the fellow Archpriest don Nicola Mascio, in accounts of the offers received from emigrants of Rivisondoli, and devoted to the works necessary for the continuous completion of the Mother Church of S. Nicola.

The total amounted to Lire 13,750.00 and noted Archpriest diligently the individual that the promoter of the collection, Gregorio Cipriani, was delivered on 19 December 1921 by the father-in-law Nicola Romito. This evidently made several trips between the two sides of Atlantic, and he made a new Delivery of 47.00 Lire on April 8, 1922.

We report full annotation of the parish priest, which summarizes the total amount, by defining "nicely" the fellow emigrants:


Dagli Americani    L. 13.750,00


Conteggiato 31 Ottobre 1924


Perhaps it was by reading these notes that Mons. don Antonio CICCARELLI drew inspiration for the journey that conceived and carried out in the United States of America in late 1927 and early 1928.

And it is precisely the issues of the Bollettino Parrocchiale we have extrapolated the following tables, where the Rivisondolesi emigrants in the U.S. are grouped by city of residence.

The table on the left  has been elaborated with the data brought back on the Bollettino Parrocchiale where Mons. don Antonio CICCARELLI reported the remark May, June 1927.

It was a collection, sponsored by fellow Mariuccia FERRARA, which reached a remarkable amount for the era, and was carefully brought to account by Don Antonio CICCARELLI.

It began as a competition among fellow residents in different locations in the U.S., and the diligent accounting records of the time, allow us now to follow a track very closely, marked by our fellow emigrants, and enriched by the relationships between them and new families who were gradually forming. Supporters of the collection in Bedford, August 1927, were the fellow Alberto FREDA e Domenica ROMITO.

The competitive spirit spreads to some families, who proudly proposed collections of individuals.

Among the more present in the U.S., include BUCCICONE on Vandergrift, the CEA on Akron, the ROMITO in Bedford, all in Ohio, and the De CAPITE (location not defined).

A cross between 1927 and 1928  large communities of Rivisondolesi were therefore recorded in U. S., in the  city  of  Cleveland   -   Warren  -

- Bedford - Akron - Cuyaoga Falls - Kent - Ravenna - Niles - Yonugstoron in  Ohio (Oh.); of Pittsburgh - Coraopolis  -  New  Kensington -  Charleroi -  Vandergrift

- Herminie in Pennsylvania (Pa.); of Readville - Milford - Clinton in Massachusetts (Mass.);  and in New York, Chicago, Detroit and Belford Indiana too.

Numerically significant were, in 1927, the various Rivisondolesi communities in Ravenna and Vandergrift (Oh.),  and Charleroi (Pa.)

These are town south of the Great Lakes to the west than New York,  door to the "Merica" , and relatively close between  all   of   them,   even   in   two

 distinct states, Ohio and Pennsylvania .

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The table on above lists the names of Rivisondolesi who attended the banquet held in Chicago, during the trip of Mons. don Antonio CICCARELLI.

Given the circumstances, it was not only residents, but many certainly flowed from nearby locations, such as Canton, Ohio.

Participants contributed to the collection coordinated by sig.na Emma ANGELONI of obvious roccolana origin.

Between them, reflected in a foto already in the frame n.3 of the sequence dedicated to Mons. don A. CICCARELLI, we have identified with certainty Giacomo CIPRIANI, known in Rivisondoli as "Giacumine" or "Jack", which in the immediate postwar years ran the bar in the "Casa sotto L'università" in the main square. In the years'60 was the unforgettable operator of  the  Winery,


  Giacomo CIPRIANI - "Jack "   Mons. don Antonio CICCARELLI
Scrolling the photo with the mouse pointer, this will indicate the name of the selected person .

the characteristic "Cantina delle rose" on the way "abballe pe ru furne, loche vicine a Alberte ru pastare "; for both activities had always beside, supported by indomitable energy, the  tender "dolcissima"  Donata (best known in Rivisondoli  as Rosaria - "Resariuccia ").

- We hope to discover without uncertainties the names of all the other fellow, perhaps with the help of visitors to our site, to them we are from now grateful -

In the table above this note, we reporte the names of migrants of Rivisondoli, in the cities in Ohio in early 1928.

For some locations already present in the tables of 1927, we have not given the names already listed, to avoid unnecessary repetitions.

We list only those migrants entitled to any absent in previous lists, but not limiting the presence in the U.S. previous year, in line with the request by a precise census in temporal order.

 The data in our possession, and transposed into tables highlight that largest rivisondolesi communities were those in Detroit and Cleveland, and Ohio is among those States where there is a greater consistency of names typical from Rivisondoli.

Far from negligible, are also other small communities, which compete for the supremacy of the cities most representative.

In addition to the above, we list the names of Rivisondolesi whose names are not included in the native ones, but coming anyway from our country over the years taken into account.

 - at  Bedford:      Di Pompei Incoronata.

 - at Cleveland:   Calabrese Maria; Di Felice Alessandro and Pasquale; Di Matteo Rosa; Di Pompei  Elena,

                            Emma di Attilio, Emma, Enrico di Attilio, Federico, Giovanni di Attilio, Lamberto, Pasqua

                            and Rosa di Attilio; Di Vito Maddalena fu Emilio; Finamore Achille and  Pasqua;Petrella


 - at  Milford     Mancini Oreste ed Americo di Oreste; Santucci Carlo.

 - at  New Haven:            Massari Antonio di Luigi, Domenico and Giovanni.

 - at  New Kensington: Calabrese Antonio; Maestro Giovanni; Mascilli Domenico; Tocco Panfilo.

- at  Pittsburg:             Di Donato Aronne e Quirino; Egizi Adele in Rossi; Ferrara Paolo fu Raffaele; Lucchese Francesco; Mascilli Emidio.

- at  Warren:                Lepore Luigi; Marsitti Ludovico.

   Ed inoltre Ciampaglia Assunta, Bambina, Donato, Elina, Elisa and Ermo; Cipriani Francesco.

We complete this first list of rivisondolesi emigrant in U.SA., noting that in addition to those in Table 1928, were:

* 1932

- at Bedford: Di Pompei Benigno and


- at Cleveland: D'Altorio Igino; Marini Ippolito; Ferrara Amelia; Mormile Michele; Orlando Felice.

* 1936

- at Cleveland:  D'Altorio  Irma;  De Capite  Carmela,  Ernesto  e  Veronica;     Trombetta

                               Rosalba; Freda Donatuccio; Piacentini Amalia.

- at Ravenna:           Caniglia Ersilia; Cipriani Beatrice; Ferrara Nunzia; Iarussi Albina and Teresa; Romito Consiglia; Trocchio Maria Nunzia; Sarrocco Annina and

                               Cassiodora; Spagnuolo Modesta.

* 1937

- in California:         Giacomantonio Domenico and Giovanna.

- at Cleveland:         Massari Alberto di Savino.

- at Milford Mass. De Felice Matilde; Falcione Costantino, Lucia; Freda Domenica and Elisa; Gogliormella Maria; Iarussi Carmela; Liberatore Leopoldo, Pasqua and

                                Rita; Mancini Nicoletta; Massari Luigi; Pistilli Margherita; Presutti Angelica; Trocchio Attilio; Troiano Ada, Carmela and Claudia.


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Peppino Tiberi, besides being the author of compelling stories, he is to rivisondoliantiqua inexhaustible source of ideas, news and documents of particular importance to accuracy, reliability and value documents. The image that we propose has the envelope to the letter, headed with the name of one of the many clubs in North America, which groups the Rivisondolesi migrants moved to U.S. A.
One above shown refer to the Club of Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania, sent to Rivisondoli May 17, 1927.



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